Covid 19

The pressure the COVID-19 pandemic is placing on today’s providers is unparalleled and, we, at Unwired Engineering, recognize the importance to support your ongoing and changing needs. For a nearly a decade, we have been blessed to have contributed relevant new technology and responsive support to the betterment of your communities and to the advancements in senior care for your residents and staff.

Still, these are unprecedented times, and the unknown associated with the “New-Normal” can be daunting.

Which is why our team of engineers and technicians are focused on what senior healthcare professionals identify as priorities and what they believe are trending to combat, mitigate and prevent COVID-19 and other healthcare threats. More pointedly, how do we help senior communities right now that are challenged by technology.

How do you support resident communication when they are isolated?

How can technology help staff continue to provide quality resident care when restricted by social distancing and new preventative practices?

How do you apply technology to enhance resident living standards in the “New-Normal?”

How do communities that are facing enormous economical constraints acquire and leverage purposeful technology? Will the new technology be reimbursable?

Will it be covered by Medicare – i.e., under Remote Patient Monitoring CPT Codes?

Connectivity challenges are so important in so many ways. Question is: Can it wait any longer? Is now the time to starting planning ahead?

We encourage you to contact us and schedule a short conference call. Allow our experienced team to initiate an assessment and determine how and when we can help.

Blessings to your staff, your front liners, your residents and all of your families.

The Unwired Engineering Team
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