Most people think that the dating is a thing that only young couples do these days. They are wrong. Seniors want to be loved and in relationships, just like everyone else. Over the past few years, the number of baby boomers looking for love has increased, thanks to online dating and more socially active senior communities. Beforehand, finding companionship in a senior living community was a bit unheard of. But, times are changing and single seniors want to find a new lease on life, even if it means overcoming a few challenges in their way.

Why Some Seniors Have Doubts about Dating


All people want to be loved, yet they keep doubting themselves. The reason for these doubts is because of the idea of dating while in your senior years is a bit abnormal, according to what society says these days. Though most of these negative reasons are in their head because of the social status they perceive themselves to be.

Both male and female seniors tend to develop a sense of inferiority when compared to the younger generation. Men believe since they aren’t as active, energetic, and outgoing as the younger generation (or their younger selves), they shouldn’t be encouraged to date. Senior women feel the same way, as they don’t see themselves as attractive as they once were or when compared to the younger, hipper generation.

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Also, there’s the fact that commonly, the female population in any senior living community is larger than the male population. Before the age of 55, the population numbers are equal. From 60-64 there are 2.3 single women to every single man. By around 70-74, the ratio goes 4 senior women to 1 senior man.

Still, seniors should probably look past what they think are society’s norms and be happy with themselves and someone else in their lives.

Why Dating is Essential for Those in a Senior Living Community


Dating in your senior years can have many benefits for yourself and your potential love interest. For one thing, it can give you a change of mindset, especially for women over the age of sixty. Around the senior age, men are often lacking confidence in asking women out, this gives women a sense of confidence to go and make a connection, make them feel better and livelier.

Finding a date can have an impact on your health in a positive way. While most think that dining out and drinking with another will make you gain weight, that’s only one side of the story. According to experts, happy couples tend to motivate each other in positive ways. This motivation means exercising together, setting goals, and feeling responsible for each other.

Being in a relationship, even in your senior years, can make you feel better internally. A University of North Carolina research study found out that men and women have higher blood levels of oxytocin after hugging. This is a hormone that eases stress in the body and improves one’s mood. Additionally, women also have lower blood pressure and less stress after a good hug.

Because of the many positive effects dating can have for seniors, it should be a good sign for many single seniors out there to go out, have a good time, and enjoy the company of another.


How Should Seniors Date?


With the understanding of the positive effects of dating in one’s senior years, another question pops up. What should seniors do on a date? It’s likely (for most people who live in a senior living community) that it’s been some time since their last date. The dating scene these days are slightly different than the past. Dinner and a movie may seem like the standard, but seniors these days are looking for more intriguing ways to enjoy themselves and get to know one another.


  • Improving the mind and each other’s creative side together. Like dating, learning something new never gets old. It’s normal for any senior living community to offer education classes or workshops for seniors, but many are unsure of attending. Seniors would be more interested if they had someone to learn with. Other ways seniors learn more together is by heading out to a new museum or art gallery. Not only will they stimulate their brains, but you’ll understand each other’s tastes and preferences.
  • Try something new culinarily. While most seniors tend to keep to themselves and eat in the community’s dining area, it would be good to do something different for a change. Seniors who want to know each other but also have a taste for something new might consider a change of pace. Couple activities like wine tasting, trying a new restaurant, or even a simple picnic outdoors might bring them closer.
  • Improve the Body Together. For seniors who want to improve their body and companionship are more active, they should consider certain physical activities. One of the more popular physical activities for dating seniors is dancing like salsa and ballroom dancing. There are other activities like exercising together.


There are many activities out there for seniors to try out so that they can get to know one another. Still, some might a bit befuddled on which dating activity is best for them. We provided a small quiz to try out that might help senior couples see which type of dating is best for them.



Dating, even while you’re living in a senior living community, doesn’t have to be hard. You need confidence, the right setting, and the right person to enjoy life with.

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